Hey there! I'm Mário.
Electrical engineer. Adventure seeker. Dog lover.
Rasgo is my name on the web.

I'm an electrical engineer and for the past few years I've been working either as an embedded software or hardware engineer, from medium to large scale projects as well as starting new ones from scratch. I can do software too, and more recently I learned some web technologies.

I like to take photos, to surf, to hike, to run, to cycle around and to commute by bike. I also like to go on adventures. In 2015 I did an interrail through the north of Europe and in 2016 I lived for about 6 months in Boston, USA. Now, I'm back in Lisbon, Portugal, where I'm pushing forward some of the side projects I've been working on for a while now.

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Things I'm currently working on:
Also, a few random photos taken by me: